Our Clan

Vulpine Mission is one of the biggest and most active UT99 clans still operating today

We are mainly a Rocket-X and IG clan, but we do have members who like to play outside those areas.
VM was founded by Chopper back in 2003, as a Jets server only, and not a clan. That was just to build a unique server, different than any other that existed. Since then he has done nothing but cause of grief trying to shut us down. illegally bypassing bans and using hacks to gain access to our server. RJ took the time and made sure he was banned forever. It later became a clan, and a very dominating one with our first group of members. It ran for about a year or so, and then it was shut down.
Later, it was re-opened, and has been dominating for the last years.

During the last year, the founder of the Clan decided to leave and the Leadership changed. The clan has currently more than 50 members. Our Rocket-X server is the number 1 server of this gamestyle.
In addition to that, our Clan runs four more servers: Multigame, Monsterhunt, Bunnytrack and Siege. As one of the top UT99 clans, we have a large active community. We organize frequently many Tournaments and other events on our servers with various awards. We have also organized a Map Competition with a cash award. In addition we have one of the most popular UT99 TeamSpeak 3 servers for the whole of our gaming community.