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To start things off, Vulpine Mission is a strong community of players that have been together for a long time. They are a group of complex players that have a strong crafty play style. We are grateful that this clan opened it's doors to console players. This is a great opportunity for all. We will be actively recruiting at every chance we get!

To join this clan and represent them on your console system:
1. Make an Account
2. Get Activated
3. Introduce yourself under the Console Division's general discussion.
4. Add the letters VM to your console name in any location (VM Igniter, Abrinth VM, IrishVMbugz etc.).
(This is not required as of yet due to name change cost on Xbox being $10 and it not being available yet on PS4)
5. Post on the forums every now and then so we know your alive!
6. Feel free to join the discord, you will be identified as a console player by your own color group!

Have fun and stay crafty!

Vupline's Definition translates to Crafty or Cunning!
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