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UTDM-monsters · files & setup

Post by evilgrins »

The idea to do this started when Jmartin recently said he was about all mapped out, and I suggested maybe he should try maps with UTDM-monsters in them... and while he didn't get back to me immediately, it got the gears going in my head to do... this.

A download of all the types I know of, with an explantion on how to map and skin them (for team games at any rate) with some skins for each and what I know of them.

1. UTDM is for "Unreal Tournament Deathmatch" the final letter to the distinction specifies for which monster it is:

· UTDMT = Titan
· UTDMW = Warlord
· UTDMS = SkaarjBerserker

Although the filenames are not the same as the listings, I didn't rename the files to avoid file conflicts.

2. Originally created back before Unreal Tournament was a thing, specifically for Unreal 1 a person named GorGor created the UnrealDeathmatchTitan.u file, which he later upgraded for UT. Originally it couldn't respawn but I'm fairly sure it had the ability to score. I've seen multiple versions of GorGor's original ReadMe for it which lists it's various levels of development.

Now, I know he made the Titan but I'm not positive if he made the Warlord & Skaarj versions and so far, I haven't found any other kinds.

Only the Titan is listed in his ReadMe files.

As boss monsters are kind of the theme, I've been hoping to find a Queen or Behemoth or SkaarjOfficer version... but had no luck.

3. I didn't find them all at once. I'd had the UTDMT file for about 10 years before I stumbled across the UTDMW version, and a couple years after that I found the UTDMS.

4. I wrote up a guide on how to map with them and skin them awhile ago, that would be this · https://unreal-games.livejournal.com/98908.html

For the most part each version is the same, and anyone who knows how to skin monsters know that skinning a Warlord is a little different but not too tricky.

Skaarj version is different in that unlike the other 2 it's default isn't to respawn...
...you have to turn that on and specify how long until it does, or it will respawn immediately.

But otherwise they're all basically the same.

5. I have personally edited a wee bit over 300 maps with UTDM-monsters on them, and there are other mappers who've used them as well.

Outside of my contributions, I've seen others map them into Deathmatch, CTF, Jailbreak, and surprisingly MonsterHunt.

Most of mine have been those, as well as CTF4 & CTF3 and DOM · https://unreal-games.livejournal.com/tag/utdmmaps

6. I love them to pieces, but I am admittedly a bit weird. Cannot guarantee others will love them too... but they do make things more interesting.

https://www.mediafire.com/file/r32t0mbh ... nsters.zip

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