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Server Rules / Reglas del servidor (UPDATED: May 30th 2015)

Posted: Mon Mar 03, 2014 3:12 am
by =(V)=_The_Greek_

IMPORTANT: If you see a player breaking the rules, use the !report option (instructions: ... lit=report) to let the admins know.
For more urgent/serious matters you can contact an admin directly on the server or make a report on the forums here: forum/viewforum.php?f=51

1. Respect other players

Harassing other players and ruining their game is not allowed. Headhunting and revealing aliases are also against the rules.

2. VM is a 17+ rated server which means taunts and some bad language are tolerated. BUT never take advantage of this to insult/verbally abuse other players. Racist/Religious comments should be avoided.

3. Any sort of cheating/hacking/botting will result in an immediate ban. This includes any use of RX/Server glitches.

4. Do not spam the chatbox

5. Attempting to sabotage your team in any way is NOT allowed. This includes wasting the RXs, idling, playing Deathmatch instead of team CTF etc. Also if you want to chat instead of playing, please go to spec.

6. Teamswitching is NOT allowed. Any attempt to change the balancing of the Automatic Team Balancer
(eg !s-!t-!p) will result in a ban.

7. If the server allows you to take a second RX (under 10 players), be respectful to your teamates and make sure everyone has an RX before taking a second one. Any attempt to bypass the ''No2RX'' mod may result in a ban.

8. Impersonating other players and/or admins by using their Client IDs will result in an immediate ban. Wearing the tag of ANY clan without being part of that clan is NOT allowed.

9. Spawnkilling as part of team tactics is tolerated. But EXCESSIVE spawnkilling that damages your team and ruins other players' fun is not allowed and may result in warning/kick/ban.
Negative scoring may be used for spawnkills.

10. Any kind of advertising is NOT allowed. Recruiting through PMs is ONLY allowed for certain clans/communities. If you are not sure whether your clan/community is in the ''ALLOWED'' list, please check with an Admin.
Any attempt to recruit members who are already part of other clans, will result in a permanent personal ban and a tag-ban of the clan involved.

Entering our servers, automatically means that you have read and agreed with everything this page includes. Our Admins and Moderators will do their best to be as understanding as possible, but a serious breaking of the rules, might result in an immediate ban without any warning. VM reserves the right to keep logs of ALL player activity taking place in our server for protection of our clan and our players. This includes but is not limited to IP addresses, Client IDs, game and chat logs, host names and activity time stamps. It is the player's obligation to check these rules for updates regularly and to make sure they get an accurate translation. A change to the above rules can occur at any time without a warning.


List of Moderators and Admins

L7: =(V)=CandyMan, =(V)=_The_Greek_, =(V)=RocketJedi, =(V)=Mar
L6: =(V)=]v[yster
L5: =(V)=D/SH, =(V)=davo_cabe, =(V)=Muffin, =(V)=Pie, =(V)=Boyzel, =(V)=SLAGG
L4: =(V)=Revenge, =(V)=$.Kego.$, =(V)=Viper
L3: =(V)=Gladiator, =(V)=Kevster, =(V)=ZodiaK

Please have in mind that our server has a hidden moderator team in addition to the names you see above. This is to ensure that all the rules are followed even when the above members are not present on the server.


1.Respetar los otros jugadores.

2. VM es un servidor calificado 17+ que consta que burlas y algunos insultos son tolerados. Pero nunca se debe tomar ventaja de esto para insultar/abusar verbalmente a otros jugadores. Comentarios sobre Racismo/Religión deben ser evitados.

3. Cualquier tipo de hacking/aimbot resultara en un ban inmediatamente.

4. No hacer spam en la área del chat.

5. Atentar sabotear tu propio equipo por cualquier método NO es permitido.

6. Cambio de equipos NO es permitido. Cualquier método para cambiar/modificar el balance del "Automatic Team Balancer" (Balanceador de Equipos Automático) resultara en un ban. Ej: (!S-!T-!P)

Al entrar a nuestros servidores automáticamente significa que usted a leído y aceptado las reglas anteriores. Nuestros administradores y moderadores harán todo lo posible para ser tan comprensivos como sea posible, pero un rompimiento grave de las reglas, podría resultar en una ban inmediato y sin ninguna advertencia.
VM se reserva el derecho a cambiar las anteriores reglas en cualquier momento.